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Carrie's Journal during this pandemic

Dear myself a journal:

I clearly remember the moment when we heard school was dismissed because of the covid, at that time, we were just feeling hilarious, no more early morning, classes on the bed, plenty of time for fun. However, it does not always sound like that.

During this long-lasting pandemic, checking daily rising covid cases was the first thing I would do in the morning. It is really scary when you see your phone remind you “you’re exposed by potential covid cases surround you” by the time you are walking on the street. I begin to miss school and human interaction a lot after locking myself inside of my apartment. Something worse is that my summer flight got cancelled so I must stay in the US, spending my whole summer. There is a time when I feel really stressed, emotional breakdown. But it is fortunate to me that I still have my friends and relatives around me.

In 2020’s summer, I arranged myself attending UCLA summer course, let myself sink into the ocean of knowledge. Also, in my spare time, my relative and I did piano and cello duet. I think everything has two sides. It is very true that the pandemic limit many of my activities, but it also encourages me to freely plan my time, thinking about my future. Days passed really quickly, as the new semester began, everyone stayed online, and we gradually began to return back to campus when some of us get vaccinated. It is really not until a crisis comes that make us realize there are something we always take granted for, such as normal school life, fresh air, and blue sky.

And in this summer, a year over, I recently got notified by our school principal that every student could go back to campus in the fall! I’m really looking forward to my last year of high school journey! Can’t wait my senior year begins!



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