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Christine's Journal about Pandemic


Many of us had been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses shut down and schools closed. At the beginning of the pandemic, many people panicked and purchased as many face masks as they could. The masks suddenly became scarce, and those who needed them didn't have any. We had many spare masks, so we shared them with others. We placed the masks in our neighbors’ mailboxes. We also donated face masks and gloves to workers at local hospitals and poor families who could afford them. During the quarantine, I spent much time learning vocabulary and practicing math skills. In my free time, I played softball. The Covid-19 might be dangerous, but in some way, it helped me. The lockdown allowed me to rest from my normal, fast-paced lifestyle and spend more time with my family, it gave me time to think and to do what I want. Most importantly, the pandemic has taught me to appreciate the value of life.

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