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Luke's Journal about Pandemic

This global pandemic definitely has not been treating us well, with recent cases spiking to a new historical high again. But during this tragic period of time, we are all still trying to fulfill our lives with fun activities. Even though the pandemic is limiting me to go to in person programs, I am participating in a research program about astronomy in MIT, doing it online of course. I have been in love with astronomy since I was a little kid, and based on the majors I chose for my colleges, I decided that taking an astronomy course and doing a research program about that subject is going to be the best case scenario for me and my future. So far, I learned a lot about extraterrestrial life, the history and development of the universe, and most importantly, how I can simulate the formation of galaxies and the outcome of the universe, the possible ending of the universe. As an upcoming senior, I have to work extra hard, even during a time when I am supposed to go out and have fun with my friends. So because of the pressure, I decided to do something fun finally for once in a while. As we know, Covid 19 is slowly fading away, not completely, but the world is already alleviating the damage covid 19 is doing to us. So because of the upturn in the environment, the tennis courts are open again. Me, as a lover of tennis and a tennis player myself, definitely had to take advantage of this. So during my free time when I am not working on my classes and programs, I would go to the tennis court, sometimes with friends, sometimes by myself; no matter what the situation is, I feel like tennis is something I can always rely on to have a good time, and get my possible anger or frustration out from the classes. Since I am almost an adult now, I have to learn to take care of myself and my emotions, so everything I am doing right now, even with the restrictions of Covid 19, is ultimately helping me.

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