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Robin's journal about Pandemic.

We all have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, during the pandemic, we can do a lot of new stuff and we have a brand new experience of staying home. Instead of staying at home all day and trying to waste our time, we can do a lot of work at home too.

During the pandemic this year, I felt really sad and depressed because most of my competitions and performances got canceled. I couldn’t imagine the feeling of not meeting my friends for a long time, I won't have any communication or any group working time. In the first month of staying home, I felt really lonely and I couldn't go out for a walk or buy food. It was painful to stay at home not going anywhere else.

Later on, I started adapting the days working online stead of in person, everything got better. Since I can only stay at home, I practiced my violin everyday for three hours. And I passed the certificate of merit level seven. It is a great experience for me because the level seven test is hard and in the last month of submitting my test, I was playing the violin the whole day from morning to night. It’s also a brand new experience to take a violin test online and get results by email.

During the pandemic, I got red-black belt in taekwondo, which was fun because I had to take the tests online instead of fighting people in person. In early 2020, I got second place in a robot competition that stands for the whole california. We were supposed to move on to another level, but it got canceled because of the pandemic. I also got in the honor orchestra in Irvine, it was my first time to be in an orchestra and it was fun. In the last month, we were supposed to be performing in knott’s berry farm but it also got canceled because of the pandemic.

However, the impact of the pandemic is depending on our individuals and as members of society. While some people try to adapt working online and staying at home, many people need to be exposed to viruses and keep the society functioning. We should be thankful to the people that are working with viruses like doctors, waiters, and builders etc. They are risking their lives to save other people’s lives, and make our lives easier.

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